Wednesday, October 8, 2008

30 Days of Night Violence

It's another undead movie, so I don't know why... I found this one quite disturbing and very violent. It's very disturbing to see a person with his neck hacked by an axe. And other disturbing scenes... But that was the one that got to me most.

Despite that, the ending was quite cool. The main character injected the blood of one of the undead, so he could turn himself into one. And hell, yeah, it's payback time. With that, he could start fighting back on equal grounds with the other undead vampire like enemies.

But still, the hacking scene... Uggghhh.. Why do they show those kind of stuff, Too violent, makes me afraid that I might do something like those if it was subconsciously placed in my mind or something. I guess I'm more afraid of that than anything else.


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