Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Unionbank Problem - Deducted 7000 off my account

We have had several accounts in Unionbank over the years,
and as of now we have five accounts: four EON cards and one joint Fastbook account.

Don't get me wrong.

I like using Unionbank. I had no problems with them in the past, and they are usually very accommodating. Their staff is usually excellent, and their customer support is great and just one call away.

We have no problem with the EON cards they work great.

The problem: The problem we had was with the joint account.

When we opened the joint account, several years ago we were informed that the minimum maintaining balance would be 15,000. That was fine, we kept our funds higher than that.

However, they changed it recently to 25,000.

The only problem was, in the branch that we frequented in, THEIR STAFF DIDN’T INFORM US.

And they failed to put the information WHERE PEOPLE WOULD SEE THEM.

See this picture:

Here is a picture of that branch, notice that in the WHOLE BANK, there is ONLY ONE SPOT where you could read this information--and that spot is VERY FAR from the usual areas that people go to. It is too OUT OF THE WAY for people to see.

I went through their other notifications that they put throughout the bank, and took a picture of them. Guess what? None of it was about the 15000 to 25000 increase.

Here are the photos of the other notifications.

 Notice there are two notifications there on the table.
Let’s take a closer look.

This one talks about interest rates

A total of 7000 were deducted from our joint account. OUCH.

The problem was, we weren't informed by their staff even though we went to that branch several times.
The deductions on the fastbook did not say what they were for, UNTIL WE ASKED.

We asked because in the last 4 months WE DID NOT TOUCH OUR FAST BOOK ACCOUNT and on the contrary, we kept depositing to it (we deoposited online from our Unionbank acocunts). But when we updated our fast book, it got deducted 4000.

Then we talked to the ones in charge. They said they would look into it, but several weeks later still no update.

Since the end of the month was already coming and they would deduct it again, we withdrew what was left and closed the account.

Unionbank staff and management of the said branch should:
1. Put the notice of change from 15000 to 25000 minimum balance WHERE IT IS VISIBLE--not somewhere where it is hardly even seen,

2. The notice of change as important as this should be on MULTIPLE SPOTS on the bank, not just one area (where people hardly go to)

3. Be trained to inform their account holders verbally, especially when the account holders are visiting their branch

4. Notify whenever there is a deduction (even if just through email or text?)

5. The fastbook label should have a note on it for what the deduction is for (rather than some garbled machine labels that no one understands)

Why fuss over 7000?
7000 may not be a big deal for some people, but that is our hard earned money.
It's on a joint account that we created as a couple, to fund our dreams.
We keep adding to it when we have extra funds.
-From the savings in that joint account, we were able to go to Camiguin and stay for two weeks. We had a great time there.
-From the savings in that joint account, we were able to go to Cebu and Bohol.
-From the savings in that joint account we were able to fund our Solar Power project
-From that joint account we were able to fund a Hydroponics Project for organic vegetables
Our next target is Palawan, Baguio, Manila, then outside the Philippines.

It's less about the money, but more about fair treatment, and more about what it represents--our dreams, our projects.

I like using Unionbank. I had no problems with them in the past before, and they are usually very accommodating. Their staff is usually excellent, and their customer support is great and just one call away.

I hope they resolve this problem quickly. I will keep you updated on the developments, but hopefully they will refund even a portion of that.

It's a simple mistake, and miscommunication/lack of communication that's easy to fix.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Sites - Fun and Business

I've been quite busy with business and setting up some new sites.

Anyway, here are the two additional sites that I'm maintaining right now: - A collection of funny cat pictures from all over the internet. - A site providing free magazines related to business, agriculture, industries, technology, and basically anything related to businesses.

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Site | AW

Just started a new site dedicated to teaching how to make money from surveys. The site is called and it talks about how to succeed with AW Surveys and Maximum Paid Surveys.

Joining AW Surveys is free. Maximum Paid Surveys requires you to pay for signing up, but the potential earnings are greater.

Making money from surveys is not easy. It requires hard work, but it definitely pays off in the long run. You can earn a lot from referrals, if you start a blog. Once your blog is well promoted through search engine optimization, then you will get a steady stream of income every month, whether or not you continue to work on your blog.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Trying, Condiments, Training

Trying my best after that mistake. Planning to send an apology on it before the weekend is over.

I seem to have developed a liking for condiments, especially lately, every time I go out to eat at 2am. I would pour various condiments on the rice and viands every time I get the opportunity.

Looking forward to handling a training class tomorrow. I really enjoy preparing for seminars and classes. I try my best to make things simple, so that everyone will be able to grasp the concepts.

Mistakes, Anger, and Writing

I made a stupid mistake, one that is due to my being lax and overly comfortable with having a relaxed pace in dealing with things. Despite this, I am standing up, aiming to learn from the mistake and move on. What's done is done. I can only deal with the consequences in the best way that I am able to.

There were a lot of things that passed my thoughts--blame on others, blame upon myself, and the uncomfortable tomorrow that will come. I am certain of one thing, though. It is that there is still something that I can do. That thing is to accept the mistake, forgive myself, and apologize to those affected.

On the other side of the day...

The AT&T agent and an angry client
I watched a video on YouTube. Not really a 'video', but an audio recording with a static picture of a call center agent. It was the recording of the conversation that happened between an AT & T call center agent and a very angry customer.

This recording disturbed me. I could really feel the anger in the customer's voice. It was very clear that he could not hold himself back anymore. He rained curse after curse upon the poor call center agent, and the tone was such that it made even my blood boil. I felt the heat, despite me just being an observer. Half the time, I was expecting the customer to have a heart attack with how angry he was.

Call center agents are just doing their jobs. I could see no fault in the call center agent, except that he just accepted all the blows and the angry tone. I hope there would be a law or regulation that would improve situations for call center agents, because certainly, if one is weak hearted, then it's not gonna be healthy for a person to work in a call center when customers like those exist.

Back to writing...
I'm practicing writing various stuff on a notebook again. This is to exercise my skills so it would be easier to get back to working on my very first novel.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Blog Updates

I've just checked out my blog stats recently, and am happy to find that the traffic has increased significantly.

The following is a list of blogs and websites that I'm working on. These are the top 5 of my blogs.

Work From Home Philippines | How to Make Money Online

Currently this one is having over 3,000 page views in the past month. I only started it about three months ago, but so far, it's the highest page view earner. This blog is about how to earn money through the internet. Most of the opportunities listed there are available for Filipinos.

Caerberu Work from Home
This is one of my first blogs. It is hosted for free at blogger. Currently, this is the blog that I am monetizing. It is sort of a prototype for the Work From Home website I mentioned above. This blog is currently getting 800 page views a month.

Caerberu the Dreamer Blog
This blog is the hub for all my other Blogger sites. I use it to monetize for SocialSpark and PayPerPost, and mostly for announcements and miscellaneous topics. Currently getting over 400 pageviews a month.

Caerberu Best Anime Reviews
I monetize this site for Project Wonderful. It's getting an average of 470 pageviews a month. It's basically about anime that I've watched.

Caerberu | Living Life to the Fullest
This is my own domain for my personal blog and portfolio. I haven't spent much time for this, but I do my best to make quality articles. Currently getting 271 page views every month. The theme for the topics on this blog is more on happy things.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Watch One Piece Episode 393 Online and Streaming for Free!

I've just launched a new website where you can watch the latest One Piece episodes for free. It's at It already has the latest as of today, One Piece episode 393 entitled The Target is Caimie!! The Kidnappers’ Evil Draws Near. I'm hoping that this site will be a success.

One Piece is one of my favorite anime's, since it's fun and even hilarious, sometimes serious, sometimes cool.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Beaute de Maman Beauty Products | Safe for Babies

It is important that mothers who are pregnant should avoid using beauty products that may contain chemicals that would be harmful for the baby. Beaute de Maman is offering beauty products that are safe for both mother and fetus.

What is Beaute de Maman?
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Who uses Beaute de Maman?
Beaute de Maman products have been used by Hollywood celebrity moms such as Penelope Ann Miller, Salli Richardson-Whitfield of Eureka, Chyler Leigh of Grey's Anatomy, Jennifer Blanc, Brooke Mueller Sheen, Jane Hajduk (married to Tim Allen), and Victoria Recano of The Insider's. These moms have tried and tested these products and have been satisfied with the results.

Where can I buy Beaute de Maman products?
If you are interested in their products, you can order now. These products would be great for you, or for someone you know who is expecting a child.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Site Updates

Most of the updates lately have been on other websites I'm maintaining, and not much on my Blogspot network of blogs. Despite this, the number of pageviews for most of my blogs have increased, based on Google Analytics.

Work from Home | How to Make Money Online | My personal website | Empowering the Youth

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just finished setting up Work From Home Philippines website

Just finished setting up the Work From Home Philippines website. Please visit the site if you want to learn more about how to earn money online. I'm looking forward to your comments, suggestions, and feedback to improve the website further.