Friday, September 26, 2008

Watch My Cover Songs at

New Cover Songs at Youtube
Just finished uploading a couple new cover songs I've performed. You may watch them from Youtube on this link: Caerberu's Cover Songs, or on my Music Lounge section.
I'd appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Right now, I have the following songs recorded at home and uploaded in video:
Your Love by Alamid (Cover by Caerberu)

Pardon Me by Incubus (Cover by Caerberu)

Understanding in a Car Crash by Thursday (Cover by Caerberu)

Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (Cover by Caerberu)

Worth Fighting For by Ninedays (Cover by Caerberu)

Back from the trip to Dumaguete
Anyway, I just came back from Dumaguete. I stayed there for a couple of days where I was toured by my aunt and also by my high-school friend. It felt good to have a change of pace, to slow down for a bit, to be away from my computer and all. Haha. I'll upload some pictures later, when I'm done with most of my work.

Thanks for coming by!

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