Thursday, September 11, 2008

Large Hadron Collider, The World Ends, Let's Burn DVDs

Yesterday, the Large Hadron Collider was turned on and the first test, involving speeding up an atom around the track clockwise, was a success.

Next, they will be testing speeding up an atom counter clockwise. Then finally, they will be speeding atoms clockwise AND counterclockwise to make them collide with each other, and thus simulate the creation of the universe in the Big Bang theory, or something like that.

Now, doing so will cause the formation of micro blackholes, that are said to decay based on Hawking's Theory. There is some buzz around this, since Hawking's Theory is only after all, a theory. While most physicists believe that the micro blackholes will decay naturally, some physicists believe that there is a chance that Hawking's Theory may be false, and we don't know what will happen to the world if the blackholes go out of control.

Well, this may even trigger the end of the world.

Burn DVD's! Save the world!
Anyway, I was backing up most of my files on DVD in case the world doesn't end a couple of years from now, and in case it does end, then maybe I can store good memories on the DVD for aliens to pick it up and know that I existed. (By the way, based on Mayan astronomers, the world will end by December 23, 2012. That's nine days after my birthday, so yipee!!) And from burning at 16X on Kodak DVD+Rs, I realized that LG's 20X DVD writer is really good and lives up to its name.

Worthwhile Experience
That aside, today we went to a manpower agency and talked with one of the managers there, who might be interested in supporting our project for the youth. I'm learning a lot from being involved with the Tech Ready project, and the experience is really worthwhile.

Anyway, off to watching episodes 21-24 before I finally fall asleep. I'm looking forward to meeting my future wife* tomorrow. I wonder if I'll recognize her in a crowd of strangers?

*oh, who are you? Tell me your name

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