Friday, September 26, 2008

Achieving Optimal Health by Balancing Human Metabolism

I just read a very interesting article (The Five Foods You Should Never Eat) from the CEO of Early to Rise today regarding a revolutionary method to cure ailments. This is not done by surgery, but by using biochemicals that can restore the balance in your body. This is being done in a clinic in Ohio, and over 7,000 patients have been successfully cured. This is not some faith healing or what. It's based on sound scientific and medicinal principles, and the results are amazing.

David, a 56-year-old executive, had an enlarged prostate that was causing him to get up to urinate 3 or 4 times a night. He desperately wanted to avoid prostate surgery, which could potentially leave him impotent. The clinic treated him with bioactive compounds that blocked production of DHT, a hormone that causes the body to over-produce its normal amount of prostate cells. David shrank his prostate, avoided surgery, and can now get a peaceful night’s sleep without waking to use the bathroom.


Ryan came to the clinic as a 10-year old boy with recurring bone cancer metastasized in his lungs. His doctor had given up on him and told his parents he had less than a year to live. Today, at 18, he has not had a lung metastasis in 3 years, and is leading the normal life of a healthy teenage boy; recently, Ryan stopped by the clinic for a visit, bringing with him his first girlfriend.


AL, a middle-aged woman 100 pounds overweight was insulin resistant, pre-diabetic, and unable to control her food cravings. “After visiting the clinic, I feel in control of my body for the first time in a decade,” says AL. Her cravings are gone. She has already lost 40 pounds and continues to shed weight each week.


SF, an 11-year old with Tourette Syndrome, had uncontrolled outbursts and tics over 50 times a day. After three neurologists failed to quell his symptoms, SF’s parents were at a dead end. But after treatment at the clinic, SF leads a far happier life, his symptoms almost completely under control.

So how does this work?
“Dr. L” is Dr. James LaValle, a remarkable healer who started his career working as a pharmacist at an Ohio supermarket. It was there -- in a pharmacy surrounded by food -- that James first began to master his revolutionary nutritional approach to correcting deficiencies in human metabolism. Today, he is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and the Director of the LaValle Metabolic Institute (LMI) -- perhaps the nation’s premiere health institution for treatment of diabetes … insulin resistance … cancer … allergies … insomnia … and a host of other diseases triggered by metabolic imbalances. At LMI, James LaValle and his staff of medical doctors, licensed dieticians, and therapists specialize in treating, curing, and preventing illness by normalizing the patient’s metabolism.

“The chemical reactions of metabolism take the food we eat and transform it into the fuels and building blocks for our bodies,” explains Dr. LaValle.

These chemical reactions are necessary for providing energy for activities such as movement and thinking … and for organ functions (e.g., digestion) and building new tissue.

“Your metabolic code is your personal body chemistry,” says Dr. LaValle. “Virtually all health problems are caused by a metabolic imbalance resulting in undesired changes in body chemistry.”

But it’s reassuring to know that if your metabolism is off-kilter, there are many measures that can be taken to restore balance among the metabolic pathways within the body.

Aside from genetics, which are fixed at birth, most of the factors controlling metabolism -- diet, medications, stress, environmental toxins, exercise, and essential nutrients -- are largely within your control.

Dr. LaValle’s approach to health is sensible, straightforward, and has worked for me and thousands of other patients:

  • Through an extensive interview, examination, and complete blood work-up, Dr. LaValle diagnoses the metabolic problems that are causing your current illness and setting you up for future health problems. (The metabolic changes leading to cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and other serious disease often begin to make themselves known 8 full years or more before they actually cause you to be ill. By catching and correcting them now, you can bypass serious illness and live a long, disease-free life.)
  • Dr. LaValle then recommends lifestyle, nutrition, and dietary changes to correct metabolic deficiencies and normalize body chemistry. These recommendations often include nutritional supplements many doctors in the U.S. don’t even know about (but are widely used in other countries) -- many of them clinically tested at the LaValle Metabolic Institute years before you hear about them.
  • By making the prescribed changes, you get your body chemistry back on track … cure the disease … make pain and other symptoms vanish … restore energy … lose weight … overcome insomnia and depression … and ensure that you don’t become sick years down the road.

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