Monday, September 29, 2008

America's Healthcare System | Yes to Socialized Healthcare

Kudos to the heroes of 9/11, who have risked their lives and their health. There are many volunteers who are now in severe health conditions due to lung and respiratory problems, and several other complications. America has considered them as heroes, but 5 years later, they are dying without the support and attention that they deserve.

America's healthcare system is a total bullshit, as revealed by the documentary Sicko, by Michael Moore. Healthcare and insurance companies are privatized and thus are profit oriented. Countless men and women and children have suffered and died due to this privatization and due to these companies being more oriented on earning and withholding the healthcare that people deserve.

Sicko, the documentary, says it all.

If I had the choice where I'd rather be in the future, then definitely it won't be in America. I'd like to go to Britain or France. They have wonderful healthcare system there, and it's totally free! Yep! You go into the hospital, they take care of you, and you go out without having to pay anything at all. Amazing system. Every citizen is given the services based on what he needs, not on what he is able to pay. Inspiring and touching.

In America, people who can't pay are dumped on the streets. It doesn't matter if they are able to take care of themselves, or if they are in any condition to walk around at all. They are dumped on the streets. It's sick and inhumane. Doctors are there to help their companies earn money, not to save lives. Totally sick.

Watch this documentary. Sicko by Michael Moore.

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