Friday, August 29, 2008

The Look | How do You Get Their Attention

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Looks? Or Character?

If given a choice, which would you pick? Looks, or character? Certainly, one's personality is very important, however, one's looks is part of one's personality. Having looks without good character is not good, but so is the opposite statement true.

I'm not talking about ugly, or pretty, or cute, handsome, or whatever. Everyone is born beautiful and handsome. I'm talking about what look you wear when facing others? What expression? What aura are you giving off? How do you make other people feel towards you?

Your looks, expressions, and minor gestures could make a very big difference in the way other people see you. In the business world for example, it could mean the difference between people taking you seriously. In love, it could mean the difference between someone finding you charming or not.

I usually practice facing the mirror, as I'm one of those people who were born not so naturally gifted with using my own facial expressions. I used to wear snide expressions, and I didn't really notice that I did that. Wearing a different expression helps to make a difference. It's not as simple as smiling. It's in how slow you smile, it's how sincere your smile looks. Appearance is not everything, but sometimes, those things count.

Aside from looks, body language also matters. It's a more discrete, but powerful way of communicating with others. In my experience, and also from observations of the people around me, non-verbal communication really counts. Especially in the context of romance, it's a very powerful form of communication. For example, leaning forward in a romantic situation could cause your partner to lean back. Leaning backward makes you look relaxed and comfortable. This is true not only physically, but psychologically. Attraction is quite a complicated thing, but one thing is sure, attraction is not a choice.

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