Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My first withdrawal from Unionbank's EON account

Today I checked my Unionbank online account to confirm the transfer from my Paypal account. After 6 days, the amount finally got through. I was excited to have my first withdrawal from my EON card, and I decided to use the money to treat my parents to a late Mother's Day celebration. We had a simple meal at Dencio's in NCCC Mall of Davao.

Then we checked the musical instruments and the drum set that I was aiming to buy. I'm still gonna buy the drum set but I'll delay it for a while as I decided to first prioritize buying assets. I'm thinking about the lessons from Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. People stay poor because when they get money, they buy liabilities instead of assets. By liabilities, it means items that don't earn you money. A new celphone, an MP3 player, a digicam, they're all liabilities if you're just gonna use these for fun and to pass your time. So right now, I'm aiming first to buy a new computer set so that each of us at home can work at the same time without waiting on each other. My father will be working on his thesis, my mother will be working on her accounting, and I will be working online.

I want an LCD screen! Because this way I'll be able to spend more time working without getting dizzy at the end of the day from the radiation. Even with screen filters, it still strains my eyes.

Wish me luck! I hope my plans will work out.


ShamaiMaranguit said...

wow.. So happy about your EON.. How long are you blogging n ver? Nu ba ang mgndang sites for blogging?

a'll add you to my list ha.. ok lng?

caerberu said...

Ummm... Been blogging for a couple of months, maybe at least three?

Try signing up your blogs to,,, and

Yep, feel free to add me in your list.