Saturday, May 17, 2008

If My Pants Could Talk

Meet my favorite pair of pants. This one is custom made to my rough specifications. It's tailored by one of my relatives. It is a thick-fabric, pocket-lined pair of pants designed to be utilitarian rather than stylish. It's perfect for a day of writing in nature settings, walkathons, travel, and for hot-summer day survival.

Today, I looked for it on my hanger, but it was already gone. No doubt it was hanging out in its favorite spot.

"Aha! There you are!" I said to my pants, spotting it on the grass outside the house.

"Yeah yeah, here I am, you sleepy head. What took you so long?? I was ready for another adventure." replied my pants, the flaps on one of its pockets flapping as it spoke to me.

Don't worry, this is a normal occurence between me and my pants. Yep! My pants can talk.

We're happy together when we go out for our daily adventure and--

Blue Pants: ("Oh, how sentimental")

--ehem. Both me and my pants particularly like nature spots. Parks, trees, grass, yep! Places that are quiet and serene, where my pants can just doze off while I work on my stories or daydream about my business plans.

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