Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sleepless Nights

It takes longer for me to sleep lately, not because of insomnia or whatever negative reasons, but because in the dark I go over my ideas. As a result, my biological clock has shifted to waking up at around 11am in the morning and sleeping at 3am. I greet people goodmorning even though it's past 12, it's coz in my mind, I just had BREAKFAST! haha.

I'm happy to hear that some people found my blog useful. By the way, I'd like to inform you that my blog is not just one blog. It's actually several blogs with one unifying layout. That is, when you view the blog archive when you're at the home blog, you'll only see the rants and random thoughts and random news. When you click on the Work From Home section, you'll be directed to ANOTHER blog which has its own separate posts.

Anyway, it's past 1 am now and I think I'm gonna try to actually sleep earlier than usual.

Thanks for coming by and see you tomorrow!

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