Saturday, May 31, 2008

Counting the Blessings | Realizations from a Coconut Shell

Stress and Pressure. Normally, I would have ended this kind of day feeling stressed and pressured. However, this time, I decided to end it right. There are blessings everywhere that I--because of the limited number of thoughts that can be in a person's mind at one time--sometimes forget.

Count the blessings. I was able to go out today and spend time with my friends, Aizee and Thei. That's one blessing. (Before, I would have had trouble going out due to anxiety or panic attacks). We went to GS Ilustre and ate there. I was able to help one person there (that's another blessing! To be able to help.) at the food court. Then we went to Davao City's People's Park, where we explored some areas I never even knew were there (like the sunken garden, etc Haha, and I went to that place before around twice already.)

Another great blessing is my being a regional finalist for the RMSEC Philippines essay contest, which entitles me to a new computer set! I have been joining this contest for a couple of years and finally my efforts have paid off (with lots of thanks to my friends, parents, relatives, and the people around me who helped to critique the essay and for those who gave much needed encouragement). I will be going to Manila this June 25-26 (if I remember right! ^_^ ) for the awarding ceremony. I'm excited to go to Manila, as it has been a couple of years since I last went there. Four of us will be competing for the grand prize, so best of luck to all of us!

Another blessing is my family. They are always there for me in the ups and downs of my life. My father and mother have supported me for all these years. Now, I hope to repay them.

Work is also a great blessing. It feels good to be able to spend time to work, to be able to help my family, and to be able to accomplish the tasks. Also, it feels good to be able to improve myself the more time I spend working.

This blog is also a blessing! Because I can express myself here and it makes me feel a whole lot better after writing stuff.

Wah, now that I think about it, there really are a lot of blessings! And here I was feeling really down just a few moments ago, haha.

Realizations from a coconut shell. I realized all this, thanks to the short, reflective time I spent while opening a coconut to get the milk! Haha. That may sound weird, but the night air, the physical exertion and the quiet time I spent hacking at it gave me some opportunity to release all the pressures and the stress.

Total Coconuts opened since birth = 25 coconuts!!! (Caerberu has now leveled up to Level 2!!!! Tan-ta-ra-raaaaa!!)

Next level up at 100 coconuts

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