Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Philippines and Its Poverty

Last I checked, a kilo of rice costs 33 pesos, but now it's at 41! Fuel just increased by more than a peso per liter, when the usual increase is by a few cents.

The Philippines is a strong nation. Despite all these, Filipinos have survived. We can still laugh, we can still be happy.

The Philippines is not poor. Think about it, the country spends millions of dollars to pay for the interest of trillions of pesos worth of debt. What other country can afford to do that?! It's not being stupid, it's called paying for the sins of those who mismanaged our economy. Getting over the debt would really boost our economy. If we could spend the amount we're paying for the debt on more pressing matters, then Philippines would be paradise!

Filipinos survive. Even regularly employed, middle-class Filipinos feel the pressure of the rising costs of living. Consider the situation for the people below the poverty line: three meals a day is budgeted into two meals a day. Yet it's still a blessing, we have food, and that's what counts.

Filipinos don't give up. We work, we press forward against hunger and poverty with a courageous and stubborn determination that rivals that of our ancestral heroes.

Filipinos are strong. I'm proud to be Pinoy!


dAVe said...

Bought LPG tonight...


caerberu said...

that's a great increase, indeed.