Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Drum Set!

Drum set! Here I come!

I have one writing project right now that I have to finish within two days. It's 15 pages, but luckily, it requires only 3 references. It's the number of references you have to watch out for as it can be quite tricky trying to fit so many references in so few pages given cram time. It takes a whole lot of time just to do that, and more probably than not, you're not compensated for it. You get paid FOR THE PAGES.

If I finish that project (and computing the total from the other writing projects) I'm already a third of the way towards buying the drums! Halfway, if I aim for the cheaper drumset.

By the way, Raphaella just told me of a site that accepts part time/full time writers(this is supposed to be a link, it will be once I've set up the blog page on this topic). Yep, not a freelance job. It's 7.5K pesos for part time(4 hours a day, 5 articles 500 words in length for each), and 15K for full time (8 hours, 10 articles 500 words). After 6 months, and if you're still working full time for them, you get 20K a month. Also, you can WORK FROM HOME! Currently the payment is through your BPI bank account and comes weekly.

Drum set!

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