Sunday, March 9, 2008

Setting up a Shout Box!

Resting from the mumps episode, and having nothing to do, I finally set up a shout box. Yes! That's what it's called. Leave a message!

If you want your own shout box, you can get your own for free at | Free Shout Box, or at | No Ads Shout Box. You first need to register, but it's quick and easy. You just copy paste the generated code on the lay out of your blog. For BlogSpot users, just add the HTML/Javascript page element on the Layout page and copy paste the code generated from ShoutMix or CBox. For other blog platforms, well, there's a guide on how to do it at ShoutMix.

Pretty convenient.

What do you think about the color?


pink-hime said...

fits with the background! :D more emoticons!! hehe.

hmm.. can you put up a banner here? will you be working on that next or the navigation? or both?
disregard my comment bout the multiple pages earlier.. my browser was stupid.

woah.. back to school ka na ba? how did you get mumps?? thot we had vaccines for that.. and it takes 2wks to subside? such a pain! what happens when you have mumps ba? puffy cheeks? :)

caerberu said...

i thought i had a vaccine for it. my mom thinks so too! hahaha. but I suddenly had it. yap! back to school na this tuesday.

well..mumps..your parotid glands(salivary) swell (I thought I grew some cheekbones! hahaha. para akong si...ehem. never mind), and ang hapdi kapag makakain ng anything acidic, like fruits and canned goods. It sucks since there's no cure for it, just bed rest, waiting, and praying.

I'll try to find how to put some emoticons...wait... where do you get emoticons? wahehe.