Friday, April 3, 2009

Mistakes, Anger, and Writing

I made a stupid mistake, one that is due to my being lax and overly comfortable with having a relaxed pace in dealing with things. Despite this, I am standing up, aiming to learn from the mistake and move on. What's done is done. I can only deal with the consequences in the best way that I am able to.

There were a lot of things that passed my thoughts--blame on others, blame upon myself, and the uncomfortable tomorrow that will come. I am certain of one thing, though. It is that there is still something that I can do. That thing is to accept the mistake, forgive myself, and apologize to those affected.

On the other side of the day...

The AT&T agent and an angry client
I watched a video on YouTube. Not really a 'video', but an audio recording with a static picture of a call center agent. It was the recording of the conversation that happened between an AT & T call center agent and a very angry customer.

This recording disturbed me. I could really feel the anger in the customer's voice. It was very clear that he could not hold himself back anymore. He rained curse after curse upon the poor call center agent, and the tone was such that it made even my blood boil. I felt the heat, despite me just being an observer. Half the time, I was expecting the customer to have a heart attack with how angry he was.

Call center agents are just doing their jobs. I could see no fault in the call center agent, except that he just accepted all the blows and the angry tone. I hope there would be a law or regulation that would improve situations for call center agents, because certainly, if one is weak hearted, then it's not gonna be healthy for a person to work in a call center when customers like those exist.

Back to writing...
I'm practicing writing various stuff on a notebook again. This is to exercise my skills so it would be easier to get back to working on my very first novel.

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