Monday, March 23, 2009

Blog Updates

I've just checked out my blog stats recently, and am happy to find that the traffic has increased significantly.

The following is a list of blogs and websites that I'm working on. These are the top 5 of my blogs.

Work From Home Philippines | How to Make Money Online

Currently this one is having over 3,000 page views in the past month. I only started it about three months ago, but so far, it's the highest page view earner. This blog is about how to earn money through the internet. Most of the opportunities listed there are available for Filipinos.

Caerberu Work from Home
This is one of my first blogs. It is hosted for free at blogger. Currently, this is the blog that I am monetizing. It is sort of a prototype for the Work From Home website I mentioned above. This blog is currently getting 800 page views a month.

Caerberu the Dreamer Blog
This blog is the hub for all my other Blogger sites. I use it to monetize for SocialSpark and PayPerPost, and mostly for announcements and miscellaneous topics. Currently getting over 400 pageviews a month.

Caerberu Best Anime Reviews
I monetize this site for Project Wonderful. It's getting an average of 470 pageviews a month. It's basically about anime that I've watched.

Caerberu | Living Life to the Fullest
This is my own domain for my personal blog and portfolio. I haven't spent much time for this, but I do my best to make quality articles. Currently getting 271 page views every month. The theme for the topics on this blog is more on happy things.

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