Sunday, November 2, 2008

For lack of words...

I seem to be doing less posts on my home blog these days. All my blog activities have been pretty much focused on the other sections, and when I open my home blog,, I don't know what to write. Except of course, updates of the other blogs.

I guess I'll just update you with what has been happening in my life these past few days.

I have been a bit busy with preparing for the Tech-Ready project plans. Tech-Ready is a project for the youth that is dedicated to empowering them by supplying essential skills that will be beneficial in work. It's a project funded by the Department of Labor and Employment, and we were among the people who initiated this project. I'm preparing the company handbook for the center, which will serve as an employment and training center. The company handbook is not written from scratch, but basing it on a pre-existing company handbook from a similar business.

To prepare myself for handling business, I have been listening to Napoleon Hill's Laws of Success audio series. It lasts a couple of hours per volume, and there are several volumes for the course. I have also been reading the book Organizational Behavior, by Stephen P. Robbins. I like this book because it's e-Business updated, so it also tackles many issues that a partly e-Business project like ours will be facing.

I have also been playing DotA online. Honestly, this may sound weird, but, it's also helping me with my thoughts on business. Playing DotA with a team can actually be similar to working with any team in real life, including the team of people who we'll be working with for the Tech-Ready project. I guess, in a way, when I play this game, I sometimes experience the reality of what Napoleon Hill terms as the Master Mind. Of course, it doesn't mean the usual connotation of mastermind, as in the evil mastermind of a secret organization. No, not in that sense. But Master Mind in the sense that it is a collective unconscious, or that it is the collaboration of minds in harmony, forming a community mind. Or something like that. The core is that the Master Mind is composed of two or more people working together in harmony. Anyway, before I become too ambiguous, I should go on with what else has been happening lately.

I've been sort of addicted to keeping track of my website statistics. And also checking every now and then if I've got new sign ups from the affiliate programs I've written about on my Work from Home blog.

And, I've been trying to sleep as early as I can. But I always end up sleeping at around 3 or 4 in the morning and waking up at noon.

What else is new? Hmmmmmm... I think that'll be all for now.

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Ronnie said...

hehehe. nakakarelate ako dun sa Dota. Dota is a great mind-sharpening game. I have so many insights while playing Dota like winning by exploitation of your strengths, the importance of tools/items and experience, trusting your intuition (like when u feel there's gonna be a gang bang), and the dynamics of teamwork and leadership. Sigh. If only every dota player use these things to succeed in real life ...