Thursday, October 30, 2008

Caerberu Blogs | Updates

Work From Home Blog. Been working a couple of hours on my Work from Home Blog. Just added some new opportunities and fixed a few things about the earn-money-online blog:

MoreNiche | Earn Money from Affiliate and Referral System

Bidvertiser | Get Paid to Display Advertisements
MyLot | Make Money Participating in Forums and Discussions
Hits4Pay | Earn Money Reading Emails
LinkBucks | Make Money Sharing Links
LinkWorth | Earn Money through Your Blog

I also tweaked the placement of the AWSurveys referral link, because I noticed that ever since I placed the Top Earning Opportunities on the left side of the sidebar, I stopped getting referrals for AW Surveys. It might have been because the attention of the visitors are now focused more on the left sidebar. But after I lengthened the referral text, I started getting referrals once or twice a day.

Caerberu Music Lounge. New cover song. My version of Phoenix, by Typecast. Played this one with a capo on the sixth fret. The original vocals is totally out of my comfortable range.

Other blogs. Wrote a few new articles here and there, but I can't really remember what those were in particular.

On the other side of life. Anyway, aside from the blog updates, I've been busy watching Anime while voting on SharedReviews. It's a good use of time to do both simultaneously, though it would mean I'd miss a couple of milliseconds from the anime videos every now and then.

I'm looking forward to watching the Japanese live-action drama Proposal Daisakusen episode two. I found the first episode funny, sweet, and quite enjoyable. Speaking of live-action dramas, my friend just told me that Hanazakari no Kimi Tachi has a special just released! I'm waiting for the video and will definitely watch it as soon as possible.

Just finished watching Macross Frontier as well as Clannad... Beginning to like Natsume Yuujinchou. It's actually funny, with Madara/Nyako-chan. But I found the first 10 minutes to be a bit freaky, the way Chucky the doll is freaky.

Looking forward to the next episodes of Ga Rei zero.

And... Early Edition! I've stopped on the first few episodes, but will definitely continue if I have the time and bandwidth.

And Fate Stay Night... Planning to borrow the DVDs from a friend.

And then, there's a bit of work to do. Particularly on those that I wasn't able to pay attention to because I was busy with other matters.

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