Saturday, October 11, 2008

Feels Good to be Appreciated | On a You Tube Comment

It feels good to be appreciated. Today, I received a response for one of my recorded cover songs on YouTube: Your Love, which is originally done by Alamid. I was happy to receive a positive comment, as only the other day, I received quite a negative reaction from one random person on IMEEM.

I'm just a simple person who feels happy on simple things, such as this. I believe being appreciated is one of the basic necessities of living, that without someone appreciating you, then there's little motivation to become better and to work harder. Without appreciation, there's nothing to look forward to.

As my thanks to this person, I wrote the guitar tablature for the song and sent him a link, as he had asked for the tabs and he said he wanted to be able to play the song himself.

Thank you for the appreciation! It has made my day. :)

On the side of music, I was just told by my Aunt that one of my cousins (though I haven't actually met her yet) is already a successful music artist. Her site is at and she already does tours around the country. Awesome! Hahaha.

This is her recent album, Grateful.
I've listened to several songs on her site and found them really enjoyable!

Here are some of her nominations for awards:

Best Female Recording Artist
Best NEW Female Recording Artist
Song of the Year ("Tulak Ng Bibig")
Best World/Alternative/Bossa
("Empty Chairs")
Best Inspirational Song ("Grateful")
Best Jazz Recording ("Choose To Believe" & "Empty Chairs")
Best Musical Arrangement
("Tulak Ng Bibig", "Grateful", "Healing")

(through test polls)

Fave Female Artist
Best New Female Artist
Song of the Year ("Tulak Ng Bibig")

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