Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Open DNS | Solving Connection Problem

Could not find server! I suddenly started to get these errors.

Upon sharing this problem to a friend of mine, she recommended using Open DNS to solve the problem. It seems that my internet service provider (SmartBro) is having some trouble with their Domain Name Servers. This problem, according to my friend, also frequently happens to PLDT MyDSL as well. Luckily, this is easily solved.

To use Open DNS, go to www.OpenDNS.com and select two IP addresses. Write down these two IP addresses, or copy them to a text editor.

Now, if you're using Windows XP, go to your network connections and choose Properties. Click on TCP/CP and then choose Properties again.

It should reveal a Preferred DNS field. Fill in the two fields with the two IP addresses you got from www.OpenDNS.com.

It solved the problem for three of my computers!

What is OpenDNS?
Make your network more secure. OpenDNS protects millions of people a day across hundreds of thousands of schools, businesses and homes. We block phishing sites, give you the power to filter out adult sites and proxies among more than 50 categories, and provide the precision to block individual domains. *

Make your internet more reliable. Free yourself of DNS-related Internet outages with our zero-downtime global network. Eliminate DNS as a problem source on your network. Using OpenDNS means fewer support calls and headaches, letting you focus on more important issues. *

Get insight into your DNS activity. We provide you with the tools to see what's happening on your network, coupled with the tools to take action. For example, discover that myspace.com is the most frequently visited site on your network, and then block it with a single click.

quoted from their site, www.opendns.com

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