Tuesday, August 19, 2008

DotA Fun | Defense of the Ancients Garena

It was fun playing dotA today. I make it a habit to joke about people's GGclient/Garena usernames, and it just so happened that one of the users was named "x_noob". (i changed the first character to protect that person's account)

Well, I made fun of him and spat out on the chat that it was too bad that my team mate was noob, meaning, a newbie.

So, he challenged me to a 1 on 1. And I accepted.

I was just making fun of him, so we ended up with a match between my Drow Ranger and his Enchantress. The first game, I beat him at 5-0. He asked for a rematch, and it was a tight fight for the first 10 levels. Then he beat me at 2-0.

I really enjoyed the challenge. I'm looking forward to our next match so we can settle the score.

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Technofied said...

Hello. I would love to play with you on Garena. What's your userID? Check my blog's latest post and I lpaced my userID there. Drop a comment on my post if you're interested in playing with me. Have fun!