Friday, July 11, 2008

Tennis and Insomnia

Looking forward to playing tennis tomorrow with my parents.

Tennis is one of the sports that I love to play. I'm not yet good at it, but at least I've started to be able to return the ball inside the court. Haha. And... I can serve! A bit.:p

I also play tennis with my friends, sometimes playing basketball after, or vice versa, since the gym where we usually play it has a tennis court and a basketball court placed side by side. We hop from one tennis court to another, since we're not members of any court yet, so we usually wait for an opportunity when the court is clear of other players.

We've tried moves inspired from the anime, Prince of Tennis. They actually work! To some extent, that is. hahahaha. We've learned to do some basic spins on the ball, and you could actually notice the sudden change in the ball's course after the bounce. Pretty much like table tennis, just that the effect of the spin on table tennis is more visible (the ball could even swerve in air, now that doesn't work for the heavier tennis ball unless maybe you've got a really powerful spin there).

After a few hours of playing, it feels really good!

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