Friday, July 11, 2008

Learning the Violin

I've just started self-studying the violin. From the stand point of someone who's had years playing the guitar by ear, I'd say they're pretty similar. It's like a guitar with the four low sounding strings (Or a four string base guitar). The scales are pretty much the same, the tuning of the string is even the same. When you pluck the violin, they're pretty much the same!

With that, I can at least make a decent melody.

So far I can't figure out how to do vibrato though, without having the violin fall off my shoulders when I try to twist my wrist back and forth to have that vibrato effect. I never did much like that or any bending while playing the guitar either. Or maybe I'm doing the posture wrong...
Arms like an elevator...Always at level... Floor 1, Floor 2, Floor 3, Floor 4. That's how you're supposed to change strings. Or something like that.

Violin may be a good training for playing the guitar. With the violin, you learn to play without the frets. That is, playing with your eyes closed, and relying only relying on your fingers and ears to find the right tune. Now, if I could accustom myself to that, and learn to play the guitar like a blind man does...Hmmmm.

I'm not sure if I'm applying the rosin right. It's the cake where you rub the bow string/thread(?), I temporarily forgot the term for that. Never been much for terms anyway.

Been reading some tutorials and watching some videos from YouTube. Also just acquired a copy of The Art of Violin, a movie that features great violinists and superb pieces.

Looking forward to watching episodes three and up of Nodame Cantabile as well. It's a funny Japanese live-action series, and it sorta revolves around a music theme. Listening to Chaconne by Vitali, or the version by Secret Garden. Listening to Canon by Pachelbel.

I'm gonna learn to play those pieces someday!

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