Friday, May 16, 2008

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Earn money blogging. Social Spark is a community where advertisers and bloggers may interact with each other. If you already have a blog, then signing up for Social Spark could start you up on earning money for your blog. If you don't have a blog, then start one now. Among the current blog marketing sites, Social Spark is one of those with the lowest requirements for your blog. For other sites, they may pay attention to your PR and Alexa Rating, but with Social Spark, even my PageRank 0 blog is beginning to earn.

Blog about movies, products, and websites related to your blog. The thing is that while you're having fun, you're earning money! Projects start from around $5 for a few 100 to 200 words.

Gain new friends, get more exposure! Social Spark is a community! You get to interact with other bloggers and advertisers and you can add them up as friends, prop each other up, and talk about anything worthwhile.

How it works. How does it work? First, you reserve an opportunity, and if there are available slots, you can work on it immediately. Usually you'll be put in a queue so when a slot becomes available it'll be reserved to you immediately. Learn more about how it works...

Ever since I signed up, I have received several opportunities and am happy that I am earning from my blogging efforts despite the fact that my blog is still relatively new. This is definitely one of the greatest ideas so far by IZEA (the same company behind PayPerPost). SocialSpark is way better than PayPerPost for beginning bloggers, but for experienced bloggers with high ranking blogs, go for PayPerPost.

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Happy blogging and see you there!

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