Friday, May 23, 2008

Raindrops Dreams

Mathew, a friend I've met through the blogging network, just opened a new English blog. Mathew has been blogging for two years now, and I'm amazed at the amount of traffic that he gets in his original Malayalam blog. He gets at least 100 unique visitors per day, and it really shows because each of his posts has an average of 40 or so comments. What he has achieved in his blog is something that I'm also aiming for.

I'm happy that now I can be able to read his poems and stories and thoughts.

Thumbs up to Mathew and his new blog, Raindrops Dreams.


Raindrops said...

Hi Caerberu,

I am surprised to note that after puting a search engine box in my new blog and searched for 'Raindrops' there, your this new blog post about me and about my Malayalam blog came up on top of the results. It amply explains the hard work put in by you during the last 3-4 months in developing your blog. Hats off!

Thanks a tonne for giving details about me and my blog as a new post.

caerberu said...

You are right, I checked it and I guess my efforts did pay off.

Thanks a lot for noting it Mathew.