Sunday, May 18, 2008

Do you like Scary Movies?

Frontiers Unrated is one of the movies that I'm looking forward to. This is the second time around that I'm watching the trailer. The first one was just after midnight, where immediately after watching it I decided to go to sleep. Right now, it's noon, so I feel safer. hahaha.

The Trailer. The trailer is hair raising. People scream, feet are cut off, and people are butchering each other. The music, the visuals, and the sound effects all add up to a great blood-rushing feel. This movie is definitely a must see.

UNRATED. The thing that makes this movie so controversial is that it's absolutely UNRATED, that is, it's only for those 18 and above. (At least I'm 21, so that's good news). There's a lot of other UNRATED movies, but they DON'T make it to the theatres. THIS FILM IS GOING TO DO SO!

The film will be in select theatres on May 9th, and the DVD release is on May 13th. For more information, try visiting Frontier(s) on The official site where you can view the Trailer and see some clips and pics is on Frontiers Unrated. Their website is also cool and will give you an idea on what the movie is about.

I'm looking forward to watching this with me and my friends who also enjoy watching scary movies, and if it turns out as I expect it to be, maybe even buy a copy of the DVD.

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