Monday, April 28, 2008

Deciding on Discipline

After listening to the audio book version of Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I decided to be a little more disciplined. It's basically a book that teaches you the difference between the mind set of a rich person and a poor person.

I was working while listening to this inspiring audio book, and after three hours, which was all it took when played on Winamp, I've gained a lot of new insights. About four years ago, I had the chance to read the first few pages of this book, but only now was I able to finish it (hearing it, that is).

This book was originally recommended by my uplink--and cousin--when I was still in Forever Living, one of the networking companies here in the Philippines. Well, I still AM in Forever Living, considering membership doesn't really expire. I'm grateful for Manong Pong for introducing me to this book and for inviting me to the Forever Living company. Although I did not continue spending my time in the said company, I gained a lot from their trainings and seminars, which, by the way, were all free. I highly encourage everyone to attend their trainings at least once.

My experience there sparked an interest in entrepreneurship. There, began the new mindset of not having to work for a company, and instead, to BE the company, to OWN the company, and to control my own time. "Multiply your time through other people", that was one of their mottos.

Well, of course, that was only the beginning. I sought ways to earn money by my own means. Burning CDs, accepting computer jobs, photo editting, video editting, website design for student projects, typing jobs, fixing basic computer problems, installing software and games, subject tutorials, buy and sell, I've done all those at least once. Although I haven't been able to utilize the 'Multiply my time principle', I was able to start earning money for myself.

By the time I was in third year high school, I bought anime, games, software, and mp3 CDs from people in Davao Sale, and resold them at the same price. At that time, I didn't care if I earned nothing the first time someone bought a copy. Once I already acquired my own copy, I could just burn and resell it. So basically getting the goods was my top priority. I might post a list sometime here for anyone interested (they probably number between 200 to 400). After I sort them out properly, that is.

(I don't really espouse piracy. If you can afford buying the original, then buy it. It will help reward the efforts of people who deserve to be paid. But if you're like me and can't afford the luxury, then by all means, for educational purposes and for your personal growth, buy the cheaper versions. The best things in life should be free--or at least made affordable.)

Anyway, later in college, I started working for an outsourcing company as a Flash animations developer, and ended up doing Search Engine Optimization as well. But due to my schedule in school, and to avoid being caught up in the 6 year Maximum Residency Rule, I decided to resign and rely on online freelance jobs, which pay reasonably, and which allow me to work in a flexible time schedule.

Right now, spending my money to buy assets sounds like a good idea. Assets are things that can earn you money. Nope, no PS2 or PS3 or luxury items such as iPods or expensive cellphones, those are liabilities. People who use their salaries to buy assets get to earn their way to becoming rich. Most people, though, buy liabilities, like cars, overly expensive houses, and other luxury items.

I'm thinking of buying another desktop PC, so that all of us at home can each have access to the computer any time. What with my mother doing accounting, my father working on his thesis, and me doing my work. When that is done, the next thing I'll be targetting is a drum set, a base guitar, and an electronic piano. It's an investment for my band and for our compositions, and also, I could have the musical equipment rented by the hour, or made available for local musical events. All of these plans could fall, of course, what with some risks I'm taking (My Paypal and Unionbank account is still pending to be linked, I'm still a good way to go before completing the accounting system to be submitted before May, and some other stuff) but I'll just have to take the risk. "Don't be afraid to take risks, instead, learn to manage risks." is what Kiyosaki would say. Anyway, if I end up being broke, that's good. At least I'm trying. And also, being broke is different from being poor. I am rich. I have the ideas needed to earn my way to become rich. Or something like that is what I want to say. Haha.

Yosh, think positive. Radiate positive energy to the world.

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