Friday, April 4, 2008

Caerberu Blog Traffic Statistics: Google Analytics

I'm glad to receive a decent amount of traffic for a start. The thought of having 300 visits, 120 absolute unique visitors so far, and 600 page views (though maybe 100 views came from me, before I realized I had to set up and filter my own IP address to get more accurate results about my visitors), it really helps with the blogging spirit. :) Thank you for visiting and participating in my blog!

I've been looking at the Google Analytics data, as I have the new java code installed on each of my blog's layouts. I'm surprised that almost 40% of the traffic comes from outside the Philippines; 33 from United States, and a couple of visits from India, Malaysia, Australia, Italy, France...only to mention some. Well, the list is quite long, so I'm sort of excited about this.

Google Analytics is a really good way of learning about the people who visit your blog, like what percentage of your visitors use which type of browser, from what geographical locations they come from, whether or not your visitors accessed your site through another site, or whether they did so directly or from search engines. It even gives you an idea of how long your visitors have stayed on your site, as well as how many pages they viewed. Powerful.

You can sign up for your own Analytics account at

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