Monday, February 25, 2008

Blue Hat Beru

Today, I decided to take a stroll in the park. I opted to take Kuya Mon's black book entitled 'Humans and Hiars' meaning to finish it before having it returned. I took my usual survival gear: a sling bag, an army water bottle, my trusty notebook, a couple of cheap pens, and a denim hat.

Feeling up for a 20-minute walk down to kanto IWHA, I declined the tricycle drivers' offer to give me a ride. I needed the exercise. Badly.

Living a lifestyle of sleep--school--work--sleep is bad for a man's health. Think about this, more people die from living sedentary lifestyles than from severe heart conditions!

No kidding.

And the former leads to the latter anyway.

The park is at best a 30-minute ride from the kanto, and perhaps feeling that was too long a time to spend idly sitting on the jeepney and reading Mon Sola's book in the cover of my hat (I love my hat, it shoos away unwanted attention. I just tilt my head a bit and the world around me disappears entirely!), I dropped myself some 15 minutes earlier and found my self... at the mall!

Ah, there's the carnival that Mavi mentioned. A ferris wheel to remind me of some time months ago when I was with someone. Something that looks like a roller coaster, but it must be a caterpillar. I shouldn't know, never rode one of those things before.

Well, off to the mall!

I checked the music section in the department stores and was surprised to find that their drum set was relatively REALLY low priced. Oh, and there's another one and it's kind of gold and... erm, glittery. But they're pretty much the same brand and same features.

Immediately my mind went off in Mentat computations, so to speak (expressed in Frank Herbert's Dune terms).

Well, I want my own drum set! For one, I could learn drums. For another, my band can practice more, work better on our song compositions, and lastly, it's a step towards my dream of owning a music studio.

Aside from the drum set, they sell violins at around 1.5K! I want that too. T_T And they have a properly sized piano and I want that too.

There's so much I want to buy and so little extra money right now. Maybe I should work more on the freelance writing jobs. Since February 3 to February 26, I was able to earn $69 writing on part time with my full time work and school and some personal game time to divide my attention.

And then I'm thinking of setting up my own blog, inspired by Glenn Guden, and maybe I'll put a few Google Adsense blocks. It might not amount to much (I have $4.11 over the past month) but it helps with the fund raising spirit for the drum set and musical instruments.

Plus, I can apply some of the things I do for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on my blogs and that might help to get some traffic.

Well, that's it for today.

Caerberu out!

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