Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas everyone!

Greeting everyone a merry merry christmas! Honest to say, I'm not really a Christian, but I celebrate christmas with my Christian cousins and friends. I enjoy the spirit of giving--and receiving as well. Hahahaha. Or is that HoHoHo. :)

I like Christmas because of the cool weather, the warm people, and all the celebration here and there. It's also the time when people come back to their homes from wherever far off place they've been to, so it's the time friends get to meet again.

There may have been a lot issues surrounding Christmas, like it's history tainted with pagan origin, but what the hell. Just because it comes from something that you don't really agree in doesn't mean that it's evil right? :)

Once again, merry christmas and happy holidays! Enjoy this year while it lasts!

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