Friday, November 14, 2008

Conference Forum on Self-Assessment Approach - DOLE

I had the privilege to attend a seminar hosted by the Department of Labor and Employment (Region XI) yesterday. The seminar is entitled, "Conference Forum on Self-Assessment Approach in Order to Create a Culture of Voluntary Compliance and Advocacy on DOLE Integrated Livelihood Program." The participants are private members of different companies.

This seminar tackled several issues such as the financial crisis, and how it affects several sectors of different industries. Another topic revolved on the laws and regulations regarding employment, covering the responsibilities of the employer and clarifying the requirements as determined by the size and nature of the company. In the afternoon, we were able to become one of the presentors as well, talking about opportunities on the internet that can help people augment their income. It was a good opportunity to sharpen our public speaking skills and to strengthen our guts in facing many people at once, most of which were much older than us.

After our presentation, we listened to the next presenter who covered another line of opportunity for our countrymen to earn--that of planting rubber trees. Then we tackled topics covering HIV Aids concerns in the office, the financial crisis, and the necessity of safety officers when an organization reaches a certain number of employees.

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