Saturday, October 4, 2008

Working on my Novel

I've decided to continue writing my own novel, but this time, using a different strategy than writing it page by page as ideas come to mind.

The new strategy is to first outline the chapters, maybe get into more detail with the events in that chapter, as well as specifying what I want to accomplish by writing that chapter. I've decided to keep my distance from focusing on increasing the number of pages, and instead, paying attention to the quality of the story itself.

Reading the Foreword of Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game, and the later books, I learned that to make your characters believable, you have to take into consideration how they are affected by other characters that they meet, and vice versa. I'll try this one as well.

The latest draft of the novel can be found here. I think this was still the version I last editted around March. I'll try to upload the version with the changes I'm planning to apply once I've added a few more chapters that I hope will be worth reading.

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bryan inno said...

OMG!!.. i almost forget!.. meron din pala akong novel na isinusulat.. pero teaser na lng naiwan sa akin.. huhu.. hindi ko na makita ang file ko.. nawala kasi usb ko.. huhu

guess i need to write a new one :)