Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blog updates: Business, Entrepreneurship, and other Blogs

Just started a few new sections for my blog:

Business and Entrepreneurship A blog about business and entrepreneurship ideas.
Facing Anxiety Attacks Dedicated to tips in successfully dealing with anxiety or panic attacks.
Laugh Out Loud Funny pictures, videos, commercials, and articles about the power of laughter to heal.
Real Heroes Features contemporary heroes that have changed the society they have lived in.

While I may not really be an expert on these fields and right now the contents of these sections may not amount to much, I'm aiming to make each of them quality blogs on their topics. Blogs that can serve as resources to people seeking honest, useful, and free information. Particularly to facing anxiety attacks, most of the very information I find on the internet are not for free, so I'd just like to share those that I have found and are usually are not for free to as many people who have to deal with panic attacks in their everyday lives.

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