Thursday, August 14, 2008

Problems With Smart Bro | Wireless Broadband Philippines

Smart Bro Pros. One of the good things about Smart Bro is that it's usually the first connection to be available in an area. Where PLDT and Globe need to put up cables to get you broadband internet access, Smart Bro doesn't require any physical lines. That's one of the reasons I signed up for Smart Bro, since PLDT and Globe hadn't reached our relatively new subdivision yet.

In my experience, Smart Bro is rarely down. I hear my friends using PLDT MyDSL complain about down time of their internet access providers. Smart Bro rarely has that.

Smart Bro Cons. The problem with Smart Bro comes in when you're playing games. Downloads are okay, since you could use download managers to automatically resume disrupted downloads. But when you're playing games like DotA Garena (a Warcraft III Frozen Throne Map), then that could mean that you'll get disconnected.

Disconnection happens right before it starts to rain. Now, weather doesn't really affect the speed of uploads and downloads. At least not enough to be noticeable, if it does affect. However, it temporarily causes the connection to be disrupted, about for a couple of seconds, and then it's back again.

Lately too, I've been having trouble accessing certain sites. Several sites actually. I'm not sure if it's Smart Bro or what, but upon trying internet cafe's and surfing on my friends' non-SmartBro internet connection, I don't experience the same trouble.

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