Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Experience with The Philippine Government | Department of Labor and Employment

I'm looking forward to a busy month. Right now, I'm really busy, not that I've got that much to do though. I'm probably busy because of my habit of cramming. And right now, that's just what it is, cram time.

My partners and I are proposing something to the Department of Labor and Employment for this month. We have talked with the directors and presented our business proposal. They are supporting youths who are into entrepreneurship.

It's a good experience to get to talk with department officials, and getting to meet like-minded individuals. We got a chance to meet the Regional Director, as well as the Director of the Working Youth Center.

I realize that the Philippine Government really is supportive. We, from out team, are very thankful that the people from DOLE are very open minded to our business, and that they have arranged opportunities for our team to present.

We will be doing our best for our proposal to be approved.

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