Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 22 2008

Playing DotA online through Garena. Watching recent movies. Finally caught up with the latest Code Geass, and also watched the first fourteen episodes of Macross Frontier. Ahhh, nostalgia! I'm thinking that it may be the last in the Macross series, since it has a lot of scenes that reminisce the past other Macross series. Macross (known as Robotech in ABS-CBN), Macross 7, Macross SDF, Macross Zero... Even the characters from the first Macross are there in Macross Frontier! But only for a while, as the planet was eaten by a Dimension Eater.

Played tennis at Mergrande. Blogged a few articles on my SEO section at Arcosweb. I'll be using the money to buy instruments. Still about a fifth of the way to my target. Nope, I'm not gonna use the money I've won for those, and nope, it's not with me anymore.

Notes to myself:
Okay ver, first you've got to finish developing the extra features on the accounting system you were working on. Next... Blog regularly! Both on your own blog, on Arcosweb, and write sponsored posts from SocialSpark. Limit your playing games and watching anime, as when you start enjoying a few hours, you can't stop.


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