Friday, May 9, 2008

This Blog Just Got Accepted to BlogVerTise

This blog has just been approved for
, a site that allows you to earn money to blog. However, it is unfortunately on probationary status. The following is the message I received from them:


Your Account has been activated. However please Note: Blog you submitted has been put on Probation status. You will still be assigned tasks however your payout rate has been reduced.

Your blog/url you registered was put on probation because:

Blog has little or no content and/or Blog is brand new and does not appear to be at least 60 days old.

How To Get Off Probation Status:

Once your blog has been regularly maintained/updated by you, tasks regularly completed and when it is at least 60 days old you may contact us and we will review and may approve your blog to normal status."

After posting two additional entries on the same day, I contacted them and explained that my blog was already gaining a lot of links and that it was receiving a fair amount of monthly traffic. The probation status was lifted immediately. Great!


Shamai Maranguit said...

Hi Ver..

d ko tlga alam kung pano yang blogvertise.. can you teach me how?.. if it's okay wid u..


caerberu said...

I'm still figuring things out with BlogsVertise. Once your blog is approved, all you have to do is wait and check back every couple of days because they'll assign to you a project if it becomes available. Hehe. Right now, most of what I'm earning online comes from academia sites such as,,,,