Tuesday, May 27, 2008

On Davao City Dog Pound and Animal Rights

I do not approve of the way the dogs captured by the Davao City pound are being handled. It's not wrong to capture the dogs that are allowed to wander outside the residences. I understand that it is also for the safety of people as some of those dogs have rabies. However, it is inhumane that after 3 days, if no one claims them, the dogs are killed.

I hear that if the dog has rabies, the dog will be burned. If not, the dog is slaughtered and the meat is sold to Crocodile Farm.

Another issue regarding the Davao City pound is that they place dogs together in small cages. Dogs that are clean are mixed with dogs that have rabies.

This is how Keroberos, our pet dog, also got rabies. He was caged with a mad dog and we could not claim him any more.

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