Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Blogs Opened, CSS Menu, and Audio Captcha

I've decided to add new blogs on several other topics. However, at the rate in which I'm going, the menu containing the links to the other blogs would soon become too congested to be effective. I really should learn how to make a CSS menu soon.

Anyway, while opening a new blog, I had a hard time identifying the letters on the Captcha (the image that contains letters that you have to type that helps to prevent SPAM from automated bots) so I decided to click the disability button. To my surprise, a series of voices started talking on the speakers, but one voice was louder and more identifiable in the noise. It's like an audio version of a Captcha. This was the first time I actually heard it. This would indeed be useful if you have eye problems, or you're just having a hard time identifying the letters because they're joined in weird ways.

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