Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Own Dockers Casting Director Video

This is a short 1 minute or so video I did for Dockers, with the requirement that I act as a Casting Director or a Judge for articles of clothing that will be used in a Dockers Commercial. I basically did this using Macromedia Flash 8, used some photos and clips, did a few animations, recorded my own audio, and modified the recorded sound using NeroWavEdit.

I uploaded this video on YouTube so anyone can watch it. I really enjoyed making this movie, and while enjoying I was also earning! This opportunity from Dockers is really great, and I've had several opportunities from them already.

Dockers is now holding a contest, you may see the details of the contest here: Dockers contest

Here's the simple video I made:

Sponsored by Dockers


dAVe said...

Nice bg music. ^

caerberu said...

Thanks! hehe, Soul Searching by Urban Dub is one of my faves