Saturday, May 3, 2008

Blog Update: May 4 2008

I've uploaded three new cover songs in the Music Lounge section.

One is a song by Incubus (Nice to Know You), another is a song by Creed (Higher), and then a song by our local Pinoy band Parokya ni Edgar (Harana). And if you haven't heard it yet, I hope you'll like Secondhand Serenade's "Your Call".

There are also several new posts on the other sections, particularly on Philosophy, Work From Home, and a little on the other sections.


Bryan Inno said...

Nice additions!!.. I am really enjoying reading your blogs.. Why don't you include your own songs here ver..? hehe

caerberu said...

Hehe, thanx. :) Yup! I have some of my original compositions on the Song Compositions section. hehe. Currently, it's the last item on the second row on the navigation (top of the page)

Thanks for coming by!