Monday, April 7, 2008

XAMPP, the best!

I was doing a database and prototype presentation for a system on a client's laptop. I had to install all the necessary stuff using XAMPP (MySQL, PHP, and APACHE). Now to work with database, I decided to install MySQL Control Center, to find out that the client's PC didn't have an extractor for RAR compressed files. Okay... Relax... I remembered reading about something that can work with databases that's already built in with XAMPP. Erm... I forgot what that was called at that time.

So I simply explored the XAMPP features, and there it was: PHPMyAdmin. Yosha!

The presentation turned out great!

I'm saved. :) I'll learn from this and bring my own WinRAR installer next time around. lol.

Download XAMPP here FREE!

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