Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blog Introduction

Welcome to Caerberu's Blogs!

Allow me to introduce you to the different sections of this blog, as well as answer why it is of importance to separate each blog by theme. This blog is made up of several other blogs, which share the same basic layout, and appear as if they are just one blog.

Why separate blogs?
First and foremost, TRAFFIC. It is easier to rank in search engines if your blog has a consistent theme (that is, the theme based on content). If your blog is all about music, you'd have a greater chance to rank for music keywords related to--and contained in--your blog.

Second, I find myself able to write more, when I'm given a particular theme. (Does that work for you too?)

The Blogs

You can access the blogs through the navigation on the top of each page. I'll give you a quick overview on each:

  • Work From Home - here are reviews of sites that I've used to earn money online. This is very useful if you want to earn extra income, and want to work on a flexible time schedule. I've earned a couple of dollars from some of these sites, and the rates start usually from $4 per page, double spaced.
  • Blogging Tips - tips on monitoring and improving traffic, and blog statistics.
  • The Best Anime - reviews on great anime's. Here are some series and movies that you should consider watching!
  • Breakups and Romance - this is a pretty personal blog. humm humm. But nothing too discrete. :p
  • Search Engine Optimization - tips on increasing your traffic from Search Engines! Particularly, but not limited to, Google.
  • The Best Music - reviews on great bands, singers, and musicians.
  • Art for the Mind - thoughts on Salvador Dali's surrealism paintings.
  • The Best Books - reviews on books you shouldn't miss!
  • Poetry - original poetry, written by -ehem- me.
  • Philosophy - some things that have been going in my head for a while.
  • In the Face of Poverty - the reality that we sometimes forget. Poverty is just around the corner.
  • Song Compositions - here are some of my song compositions, recorded at home.
  • Technology - hmmmm. Still don't know what I put this section here. lol.
  • My Novels - the first few chapters of a novel I'm currently working on. Yosha! I'm gonna be the greatest writer in the world!
  • Good Movies - reviews on movies you shouldn't miss.
  • Software Survival Kit - must have software.
  • The Music Lounge - my take on some of my favorite songs. I played these songs on the guiter/piano, and recorded them at home. These are songs from Thursday, Incubus, Dashboard Confessionals, Secondhand Serenade, Making April, Ninedays, Mae, and some local bands like Parokya ni Edgar.
  • Proud to be Pinoy - :)

I'll be happy to receive suggestions and feedback from you! I'd love to hear your thoughts. :) Thanks for coming by. :)

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